Hire A Pro: It's Safer, It Looks Nicer, And It Works Better!

Every day it seems like there is another home improvement television show or big box store around the corner. They may even inspire you to take on that big-time home improvement project you've been putting off. D.I.Y. is great for some jobs – but get all the facts before you do your own electrical work, plumbing or HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) project .

  • Home electrical problems account for 67,800 fires, 485 deaths and $868 million in property losses.
  • Faulty home electrical wiring causes twice as many fires as electrical appliances.
  • Faulty wiring accounts for 33% of residential electrical fires.
  • Many plumbing problems are considered maintenance issues and are not covered by homeowners insurance!
  • Aside from the obvious fire hazards, do-it-yourself HVAC work (such as installing a gas fireplace or an electric furnace) can easily void your warranty.
  • Industry professionals say that between 25% and 30% of their work comes from fixing D.I.Y. disasters.

Source: U.S. Fire Association, U.S. Census Bureau

A better idea is to hire a professional. Pros know how to make it work better and look neater. They know how to do it safely, and they know the codes that make it legal. Instead of D.I.Y., think L.A.P.D.I. – let a pro do it!

Just remember – there's a time to do it yourself and a time to hire a pro!

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